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Bashundhara Kazi Office

Bashundhara Kazi Office is an institution approved by the Ministry of Law of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It was approved in 1998. We have done all the work related to the marriage with the utmost merit and skill. In addition to the marriage, apart from husband and wife, country or abroad, to bring the husband and wife abroad, according to the instructions of the Ministry of Foreign and Legal, many successful Marriage certificates successfully distributed by the expatriate brothers Getting the praise So you can contact us directly if you need it.

To get married/divorce

According to Muslim marriage law, the age of the girl is at least 18 years and the age of the child is at least 21 years. To prove the age of both the boys during the marriage, there must be a birth registration certificate. Both the male and female candidates on both sides are witnesses and an adult person has to sign on their wedding, registration address, as the marriage lawyer on behalf of the girl. But the matter of the lawyer is not mandatory if it is good or not, then there is no problem.

Apart from marriage brochures in the Bashundhara Kazi office, if there is any unnecessary reason for divorce separation, then there is also a system. If the boy wants to divorce the girl, first of all, the woman must give notice in writing. The City Corporation / Municipality / Union Parishad will then be informed by notification in the area where the girl lives. In the next 22 days after the above activities are done properly, the divorce process takes place within 100 days. In the case of divorce like marriage, there is a witness.

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