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Important Information

Marriage Registration Rules

Do You Know?

  • Do you know Place of marriage ceremony where legal registration of marriage is done by the local Kazi? Otherwise, the harassment is to be accepted otherwise.
  • The name of the place where the marriage was made in the Column No. 1 of your Aaponjan’s wedding cabin is to be entered.
  • The Kazi, who has registered his / her marriage, is required to know his name, address, and office identity.
  • If the Kazi Sahib, who is married to your loved ones, is not in your area, then you will not be able to enter the name of your home/restaurant at the wedding place named after your sister’s wedding kabin/nikah.
  • If you do not have a Kazi in your area, you have to be harassed for the emergency / legal need to get your kabin kabin or Kabini Nama / Nikahnama cannot be found.
  • As the husband/wife is known to go abroad, the cabins need to be removed and the kabins are inspected by Ambasi.
  • Photocopy of passport / NID / SSC / JSC certificate / birth certificate for your own marriage registration is mandatory.
  • He has registered his marriage with his wife, according to the age proof papers, the name of the bride and groom’s name and the exact date and date of birth and other information is written correctly.
  • Marriage Registration is a vital document of marital life that can be properly preserved in the country / abroad if it is properly preserved. Earning a parental cabin, children and girls need different things.
  • At the time of your bride’s wedding, the bride’s age is 21 years, and the age of the bride under 18 years of age can be accused of child marriage.
  • Therefore, the request of Dhaka residents/country is not registered for marriage by external worker Kazi Sahib and by the marriage of the resected area, please register your marriage by registering a marriage.
  • Marriage registration fee is Rs.1250 / – per lakh, more than four lakhs, only Rs.100 / – per lakh is payable. B: For the sake of the people of the country.

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Muslim Marriage Registrar and Kazi
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It is necessary to know the knowledge of the people

  • Marriage is a sacred bond, for the Muslim Ummah. Marriage Registration demonstrates the honor of the conventional law and the marriage certificate of the husband/wife. For this reason, the mandatory registration of marriage in the locality of the local marriage of the local marriage and divorce registrar of the area, where the marriage is to be done at the place of residence, hotel-restaurant and community center, where marriage is completed. However, in other wards or area of Kazi’s registrar Bahari (Bhulayam) is not. For example, it is obligatory to register the land in that area by the sub-registrar of the area. Similarly, the same rules of the Muslim Marriage Registrar
  • It is not lawful to register a marriage with another Kazi in the area with whom you may have a known and trusted Qazi or a Qazi representative. Published Gazette / 2011 Note There is no bar on inviting your respect for marriage or acceptance.
  • Marriage registration fee of Rs.1250 / – (One Hundred two hundred and fifty takas) per annum, up to four lakh rupees per month, only Rs.100 / – (one hundred rupees) is payable. Published in Gazette / 2011 Under the current law of the government of Bangladesh, the age of the groom is 21 and the age of the bride-18 years, the age, and the person’s passport/birth certificate / NIID, D / school certificates are mandatory. It is better to have a passport size photograph of 2 copies of bride and groom.
  • Every city corporation/municipality of Bangladesh has one person in each ward appointed by the Ministry of Law, Nikah Registrar is a scholar, for marriage and divorce registrar in their respective wards. And so in the case of the union. In many cases it is seen in the greed of a little money, Kazi in another area registers a marriage in other kasir areas, which are contrary to law/fraud. Which is evident in the no. 1 column of Nikah

P. B. For the sake of the people of the country.

Thank you

Masbah Mushiur
Courtesy: Ka-24/4 (2nd Floor), Sarker Market, Bashundhara Road, Vatara, Dhaka 1229

Husband by his wife/wife to husband – giving notice of single divorce
Open (C) what is needed for the divorce registrar

1. The presence of the person who divorces.
2. Photograph of Nikah (1601).
3. National Identity Card / Passport / Birth Certificate / JSC,
Photocopy of SSC equivalent education certificates.
4. Photocopy of two copies of passport size photograph.
5. Two Muslim male witnesses above 18 years of age.
6. Husband/wife can be withdrawn/canceled in three months by a single table
Can be able to live together.

P. B. After the prescribed time, a divorce is registered.

7. Opening (C) For the divorce registrar, the above information is for both husband and wife
Applicable. Which is just as effective.

The government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Bashundhara Kazi Office
Ka-24/4 (2nd Floor), Sarker Market, Bashundhara Road, Vatara, Dhaka 1229

What is the need for marriage registrations?

1. According to the Government of Bangladesh Gazette, the age of the Muslim bride is 21 (twenty-one) years
And the bride’s age is 18 (eighteen years of age.

2. For identity of person and age – National Identity Card / Passport / Birth Certificate / JSC,
Photocopy of SSC equivalent education certificates.

3. Two copies of colored photographs of bride and bridges.

4. At least 3 young Muslim male witnesses above 18 years.

5. If somebody else gets married then the previous marriage (husband/wife) is divorced or
(The husband/wife) has to give certification on the death.